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I want to get our selection significantly expanded from what it is now. Actually there will prob never come a point where I, personally, think its enough. When it comes to clothes and merch I think more is not enough. If such a thing is happening then I really would like the uptempo version of the main menu score. In the Battleborn CTT there was a more mellow version of the track but sadly both got removed as you would be spending a lot of time in the menus and the team thought the tune would become too repetitive after some time.

A small clip of the more energetic version got used at the end of one of the Battleborn trailers.

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Congrats on the beta store launch! Have you thought about setting up a regular roadmap infographic that shows roughly when to expect the next batch of items on the store?

Maybe you could pinch the item rarity from RPGs to hint what sort of items are coming while keeping what they are a secret until the last minute. The way the Gearbox Loot Store has been described reminds me of the vending machines from the Borderlands series. I always tend to forget to check those! Promo Codes October and Coupons w/ Free Shipping

Now all we need is a Battleborn Toby plushie. Also, even I find it a little creepy that I responded this fast, haha. I know you guys can do better. Maybe you guys should sell Battleborn figurines that are either Chibi or actual models from the game. Plushies would be nice for these Battleborn Chibis. Anyone else working with Rita may now watch her walk through the office naked whilst you throw food at her - gently though, like cream cakes.

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They would love to give american dollars for such a product. And discussing with our web devs of course. Ha ha, so what would help you remember to check those vending machines?

Architect Sheath - Boker Coye Oscar Mike

Just asking for a friend. You know, we actually had some of these as a swag item in the past. Gearbox News and Articles. The Gearbox Shop. Episode 187 – It’s Oscar Time

MentalMars MentalMars November 10, , pm 1. Rika GBX. Rika November 10, , pm 5. Official Gearbox Loot store info and updates. Water, water, everywhere,And all the boards did shrink;Water, water, everywhere,Nor any drop to drink. Cosmic Snake.


Painted on 14x17 mixed media paper. I used watercolors, gouache, markets and glitter. Cada viaje tiene su historia, su encanto. The frost and the first snow do not disturb the Highland Cattle. Keep the vibe alive forever! Stopping and looking closely at the world around me when on a hike, for instance, slows me down and helps me change my perspective.

I find it grounding and balancing to connect with the world in this way and it gets me out of my head! Thanks for the tip, Angela! Learn more about her work on www. Never thought, that love at first sight exist. But here we are. Basking in the Sun.


Naakat koivussa. But where is the root of all of this?! Being a lifeguard in the Summer I constantly watch vacationers come down and disrespect our beaches, just from lacking knowledge on their impact to the environment. This summer I used my position as a lifeguard to help get the community behind me with this movement. I was surrounded by the best family and friends that supported this movement endlessly!


To me Love Blue is an opportunity to bring people together to go out and witness the problem first hand, its a chance to educate the public, and its a chance to spread our message in efforts to save something that I love so much and whose role on this Earth so vital! Love Blue is a team of young determined individuals who want to bring attention to a very serious subject while making it fun and enjoyable for our generation. Like I always say we are the only ones who can change the world, so I invite everyone to be part of this movement!

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