About Us

About Us

ADİN is cut & sew plant, trim cover production plant of Diniz Adient in Gönen which is established in 2016.

ADİN takes and implements all processes of Diniz Adient with an improvement and all the expertise saved with many years by Diniz Adient and Adient company is directly transfered to ADİN. So ADİN already manufactures trim covers with the years’ know-how.

ADİN has all the necessary departments and activities in a manufacturing plant. Raw materials (including roll fabrics, plastic profiles, threads, extruded listings… etc) of trim covers are received and stored in incoming material warehouse.

Roll and plate fabric, vinyl, foam, carpet materials are transfered from incoming material warehouse to cutting process. Cutting process is the start point of manufacturing process which is starting with spreading process. All the materials to be cut are firstly spreaded in the long tables for the preparation of cutting. Spreaded fabrics are transfer to cutting machines. Cutting is made in high technology CNC Cutting machines and press machine.

Product packaging is one of our best business practices that for each customer we realize different kind of packaging that takes into account product quality and low cost.

In every phase starting from early stages of development we work in close cooperation with our customers with transparent communication.


Gönen Company ( 7.000 m² )
Employee Number: 325+
Nissan:  155.000 Vehicles/Year
Ford:  1.000.000 Titles/Year